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Using AngularJS with NationBuilder

AngularJS is a great framework for quickly building elegant Javascript code to enhance the user’s experience.

While with Climate for Change, I wanted to create some dynamic pages on our NationBuilder website.

While NationBuilder does allow for some server side coding through their Liquid templating, if you need the flexibility of writing fully functional code, then going client side with Javascript is the only option. AngularJS was the obvious choice as it allowed me to build functionality quickly, which meant it would fit in between my main duties.

Below are the specific changes to convention and configuration that I used to get Angular going on our site. Continue reading “Using AngularJS with NationBuilder”

How do you answer a tough question?

Getting asked a tough question
Photo Credit: US Department of Education, CC-BY

You’ve done the preparation, you know exactly what you want to say, and then it happens… someone asks you a question and it’s got you stumped. Everyone looks at you waiting for the answer. What do you do?

When I first conducting training (and often anything where people expected me to bring knowledge to the table), it was easy to feel that I had to have all the answers. The fear that we might be embarrassed by a question can easily put us into a defensive, know-it-all mode. Continue reading “How do you answer a tough question?”