3 books to inform your advocacy communications

Have ever had a conversation with someone about a cause you care deeply about and suddenly thought “huh? You think that about this cause?”

As disheartening as it is, they’ve done you a favour – they’ve just highlighted to you how lot’s of people think about your cause, and perhaps even told you why it is that your cause hasn’t succeeded yet.

Here are 3 books to help you build the case for your cause in a way that will resonate with people.

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Two guides to make your change making effective

Make things happenDo you ever get the feeling that making change is like paddling against a strong current?

As change makers our end goal may seem like trying to reverse the waves: advertising, lifestyle expectations, career norms, social media and more often seem to pull our supporters in the opposite direction.

Below are two key resources that when used well, can not only turn the tide for your cause, but will have knock on effects for causes like yours.

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