Testimonials from Schools

“Interesting content, enhances knowledge and awareness, including the teachers’ awareness. Comprehensive, without boring the students.”

– Coral Secondary School


“Mr Chris Jensen spoke very clearly and was able to engage the students. The slides were very well designed with useful commentaries which captured the attention of students. The staff accompanying the students also enjoyed the presentation.”

– Ms Lim Soo Heng, Senior Teacher / Environment Programmes, St. Hilda’s Secondary School


“Lively and able to get the students’ interest. the content of the sharing itself was very interesting and a great eye opener. It provides a human perspective on the issue too.”

– Ms Jamilah Sukimi, Coral Secondary School


“It is really a great eductional tool to educate the pupils.”

– Loyang Primary School


“The talk was enriching and eye opening to many pupils.”

– Mdm Majeena Rosia Abdullah, Teck Whye Primary School