What I learned from a conversation with a climate skeptic

Getting asked a tough questionIn my first week with Climate for Change,  I sat in on a focus group to hear what the community knows and feels about climate change.

The participants handed their survey’s in and I glanced over them. Oh no! Someone in the room was a hard-core climate skeptic: they thought global warming was a complete hoax.

I am so glad he was there.

I am even more glad that it was a focus group.
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How do you answer a tough question?

Getting asked a tough question
Photo Credit: US Department of Education, CC-BY

You’ve done the preparation, you know exactly what you want to say, and then it happens… someone asks you a question and it’s got you stumped. Everyone looks at you waiting for the answer. What do you do?

When I first conducting training (and often anything where people expected me to bring knowledge to the table), it was easy to feel that I had to have all the answers. The fear that we might be embarrassed by a question can easily put us into a defensive, know-it-all mode. Continue reading “How do you answer a tough question?”