Whether it’s volunteers or senior management staff, we bring 15 years of experience in creating engaging training programs to develop your capabilities and engage your audience.

Volunteer Engagement Strategy

Learn best practices in planning a long term engagement strategy for your volunteers, from initial engagement, to stepping them up.

Get training for your staff in the skills needed to engage and retain your volunteers.

Supporter Database Best Practices

“What get’s measured, get’s managed” – learn best practices for tracking engagement with your supporters and how to step up their engagement with your cause.

Effective Non-Profit Communication

Are your communication materials developing long-term supporters, or meeting short-term KPI’s at the expense of long-term support?

This training is for communications and marketing staff on how the most effective non-profits are using language to build long-term support for their cause and for a kinder more compassionate world.

Systems Thinking

Considering strategy or want your volunteers to better understand how your cause fits into the big picture?

Our systems thinking classes engage people in understanding our interconnected world, how it influences your organisation, and how your organisation can influence others.

Facilitator & Volunteer Training

Engage us to train your team or train your trainers to deliver effective training for your volunteers or conducting facilitation.

Applying Behaviour Change Theory

Getting people’s attention has never been harder. Ensure that precious attention isn’t wasted when you get it.

Apply behaviour change theory to maximise conversion from attention to action.

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